Van Wagoner will not take Corporate Campaign Contributions

Van Wagoner is the only candidate that is not accepting campaign contributions from companies and corporations.
Click here to see all candidates positions on corporate campaign contributions including which candidates are willing to accept political contributions from corporations.

When asked by a business owner why he would not accept his contribution, Van Wagoner stated, ” Use that money for hiring another employee, and if you need a write off, donate your money to The Marshall White Center, Youth Impact, or another Non-profit that is making a difference locally.” Van Wagoner does not believe that companies and corporations should be contributing financially to campaigns. During the debate on August 24, 2011 Van Wagoner stated ” We need someone to hit the ground running. As the next mayor I will work for everyone of you.”

Below is a copy of Van Wagoner’s voluntary checklist.

Vote Van Wagoner Newsletter August 22, 2011

Questions From You

1. What motivated you to run for Mayor of Ogden?

I chose to run for Mayor because I feel that some of the candidates running for Mayor have their own interests at heart rather than the interests of Ogden City as a whole. The community of Ogden deserves more then to stand by and watch candidates either buy the race or treat it like a popularity contest. I served my country in the Military and have always served the community I live in. I am the president of the Historic 25th Street Association volunteering on average 50 hours each month. As president I have seen firsthand the closed door deals that are made in Ogden and have brought those to an end. Companies and individuals should be hired off of merit and qualifications for the job, not who their friend’s are. I want an Ogden City government that is working for all the people and the many interests in Ogden. I want an administration that works with the city council that the voters have elected to represent their community. I want to stop government participation in the private sector, where  Ogden City attempts to pick winners and losers in a free market system. I want to see our near 300 miles of sidewalks improved for the use of all abilities and ages. I want to see a transportation plan that meets today’s needs and looks to the future identifying trends that we will need. I want to see existing community assets fully utilized before building more empty boxes. I also want to see a balanced budget.

 2. How long have you lived in Ogden?

I was born and raised on a farm in Midway, Utah. I moved to California as a teenager and I moved back to Utah in 2006. I choose Ogden as my home and the place to raise my family. I have lived here for 6 years.

3. What is your background, education and leadership experience that you believe will help you be   a good mayor?

I am honest and I have integrity that will not be challenged by special interests. I have ethics and I am the only candidate for mayor not accepting campaign contributions from companies or corporations. I am a born entrepreneur and have always had my own business. I owned a electrical integration company in California for many years and sold it to move back to Utah to raise my children. In 2003 I started a product development company out of Austria and the north American rights were later sold to Austrian interest. I started a commercial development company with the motto “we fill empty buildings” out of Southern California. Earlier in life I served my country in the USMC and was meritoriously promoted several times for my ability to lead. I also attended Orange Coast College and I have traveled around the world with a company that produced movies for National Geographic. I have real world experience and have no bad habits picked up by working for the city, county or city council.

 4.  What do you want to see accomplished in Ogden immediately and in the future?

I want to see a Mayor and City Council that work together to benefit the people of Ogden City that they were voted in to serve. I want to see a focus on our infrastructure. I want to see a balanced budget. I want to see a comprehensive transportation plan that takes all of Weber County into account. I want to implement a Made in Ogden program that will bring all levels of jobs into our community. I want to see a Job-centric focused administration. I also want to see the highest priority made toward our Education System. In order to make all of this happen, I will work with our council and the other leaders in our community through a transparent form of government.

5.  What do you see as the highest priority?

Jobs, Business Stability, Transportation Plan, Infrastructure, Transparency, Plan to pay down city debt.

 6. What would you do to assure that the things you believe are of highest priority be accomplished?

Listen and build consensus with Ogden City constituency. Work and communicate with your city council sharing all information in a timely fashion. Plan, budget, implement.

7. In what ways do you believe the current administration has done a good job and what would you do differently?

The current administration has been successful at rebranding Ogden City with the ”Ogden, It’s all within reach” outdoor concept. I would continue that success and build off the efforts of the current administration. I would build off success with a branding campaign I am calling “Made in Ogden” I would like to focus on all level of jobs. With “Made in Ogden” we will focus on product development and product distribution to take advantage of our empty buildings at the BDO, Ogden Industrial Park, Rail lines, Airport and geographic location centered on the CANAMEX trading corridor. Consistent government policy can help make this successful.


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