MADE IN OGDEN is a local manufacturing and production concept where:

We build it.

We ship it.

We support and service the product manufacturing needs for small to large scale businesses across the world.

Although local customers are the most important, we no longer live in an isolated economy and we need to take advantage of the global economy.

Our companies need more business and the world holds these customers.

It is time to bring manufacturing back to the United States and Ogden is in the absolute perfect position to serve as a hub for innovative solutions. Instead of company incentives based off of future promises of employment, together let’s explore an official MADE IN OGDEN seal so companies that are developing products and goods can be proud of placing the seal on products that are made here, sold here, and shipped around the world letting everyone know that we mean business.

By supporting this concept we can insure better quality control over products because we have a diverse work force. We can develop jobs that are long term, with consistent pay, creating opportunity for advancement.

The myth that you can develop a product overseas for less, is just that, a myth. Not only are those products being developed with substandard human conditions, the products may also contain poisons and other materials known to be harmful to our society. For those that have developed a product out of the country you know the challenges of making sure all details are being followed once you leave the plant. It is a costly balancing act that is weakening our position in the world. I believe if given a choice Americans would rather buy products with the official MADE IN OGDEN seal.

Outdoor Recreation

With the latest renaissance of Ogden we have embarked on the well known program “Ogden, Its all within Reach”, an Outdoor Recreation theme that has the perfect setting here in Ogden.

This is a great start. We need to continue to support these types of operations, however we need to encourage these companies to bring their core business here to Ogden. Not only do we have the ability to produce world class products here but we also have history working on our side with the remaining rail routes reaching from harbor to harbor and border to border.

Additionally, because we are centrally positioned on the CANAMEX corridor, we are uniquely positioned to harness greater potential with the outdoor recreation companies and we have only began to recognize the synergy that will be here in Ogden.

Aerospace Industry

One industry already in Ogden that could expand development is the AeroSpace Industry.

Little is known about the contribution of job creation and product development from this sector because they put their head down and work forward. This sector doesn’t boast nor buff its own apple for the hard work they do locally because of the top secret projects that they may be working on. They’re doing great work and we need to continue to encourage similar businesses to bring their product development to Ogden to expand the employment base.

Health Care

Utah has been known for first class Health Care for decades. As we get older the industry is one of the fastest growing. They are continually looking for ways to innovate and get smarter. Health care encompasses a wide range of services and products from mineral supplements, medical equipment, cancer research and general health care such as IHC and HCA Systems. Continuing to find cures and create innovative equipment and techniques will insure Ogden and the greater area more jobs and global recognition in the industry.

Long Term “Green” Development

The above industries have been innovating away from wasteful manufacturing and becoming greener with each year and our community could challenge all businesses to leave a neutral carbon foot print. To encourage the development of environmentally conscious manufacturing, Ogden should be on the fore front of another industry which could contribute some of the highest paying wages in the region. The innovation in the energy savings industry and other supporting technologies need to be implemented across all of Utah starting in Ogden. We need to encourage that buildings are built on the most efficient standards and that bi-product such as emissions are controlled with guidelines to protect our children and our environment.

Together these industries could take us into a future where everyone wins.

Let innovate together Ogden.


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